The Retail Inventory Analyst is responsible in maintaining accurate and timely inventory records and desired merchandise inventory level, replenishment and assortment. Performs thorough store merchandise analysis & guidance to implement proper allocation strategies in stock management while maximizing sales profit and inventory turns. Provides support to concerned departments on proper product ordering and take-out to meet sales target and delivery schedules, inventory positions and reduction plans. Ensures compliance with policies and procedures on sales, inventory, trends, timing and scope of seasonal changes to identify supply and demand. Maintains desired inventory levels and product mix at the right place at the right time. Monitors inventory movement (aging, turnover, distribution by category) to align the stock to the store needs and recommends action plan to minimize stock-outs while maximizing inventory turns;


  • A graduate of BS Accountancy, Business Management major in Accounting or its equivalent.
  • Must possess an understanding of inventory control and monitoring processes and procedures
  • Must be detailed-oriented and capable of managing and analyzing large data.
  • Must be able to communicate well and engage all parties in resolving with inventory issues and concerns.
  • Must be willing to travel.

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